These simple tips for keeping kids warm in cold weather are simple and effective. Whether you’re hoping for six more weeks of winter or praying for spring, it’s certainly cold right now. Keeping kiddos warm in cold weather can help prevent illness, improve comfort, boost moods, and protect skin from drying out and cracking. Happy kids = happy parents.


Layer Up

The great thing about layers is that your child can customize his or her outfit throughout the day. If it starts off at a frigid temperature in the morning, but then heats up in the afternoon, you wouldn’t want your child locked into an overly warm ensemble. Choose a simple long-sleeved T-shirt for comfortability, then layer with a sweater or vest. Add a coat and winter accessories.


Choose Comfort

Dressing the kids can feel like fighting a losing battle. If you want your children to keep their warm clothing and accessories on in cold weather, encourage that behavior by choosing soft, cozy materials. Itchy sweaters and suffocating turtlenecks won’t allow your child to move freely — and we all know children love to move. Opt for alpaca wool, cotton, soft polyester, and chenille for optimal comfort.


Allow Breathability

Warm weather clothes are great for keeping children warm, but when kids run around, they may begin to sweat. It’s important that clothing fabrics allow breathability. Opt for leggings for a cool, breathable solution. Moisture-wicking spandex materials are also a great choice.


Line Comfortably

When it comes to choosing a coat, what’s inside matters as much as the outside. A warm lining like Sherpa or heavy cotton will keep your child warmer. Harsh winter winds can chill you to the bone, but a great coat lining doubles up your protection.


Protect Sensitive Skin

Children tend to have soft, sensitive skin. Prevent redness, dryness, chapping, and cracking by protecting their delicate hands, fingers, faces, and feet. Accessories like gloves, mittens, boots, thick socks, hats and scarves may seem like an added expense or just a style statement, but they can actually do a lot to protect your kids from windburn. Remember to nourish your child’s skin with moisturizing lotion and protect their lips with lip balm.


Stay warm this winter and cuddle up by the fire. Spring will be here before you know it!