Kid’s CHICC Store 

 your go-to online boutique for trendy children’s clothing and kid’s accessories

We’re passionate about fashion and comfort—two things you will always find in our online children’s boutique. If you’re a busy parent, you understand the challenge of finding fashionable children’s clothing that your kids will love, and something comfortable, too.

CHICC provides the perfect solution. We sell boutique clothing, shoes, toys and accessories from European designers who integrate fashionable fibers, organic materials and comfortable cotton blends to create pieces your kids will love. Whether you’re dressing up your ray of sunshine for a school photo, or you want your child to look his or her best for a family function, CHICC has everything you need to create a trendy kid’s wardrobe.

about Chicc Kids Store


In addition to kid’s fashion, CHICC sells accessories to enhance a variety of outfits. Trendy designs make it easy to mix and match garments and accessories to create complete children’s looks, encompassing everything from a casual birthday party outfit to formal attire.


CHICC allows your child to express his or her personality through fashionable accessories and establish a sense of autonomy. Our specialty boutique accommodates a wide range of children’s sizes, and we select every piece based on uniqueness. We only choose kid’s clothing lines that offer superior quality and comfort. In the future, we would love to acquire more fashionable kid’s designs from Europe that incorporate innovative and organic materials.


CHICC is dedicated to providing children’s fashion, cozy comfort and reliable quality, all in one place. But more than anything, we are dedicated to hard-working parents, just like us, who deserve the best.