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Vilac has been designing and making quality toys and games since 1911. They are based in the Jura Mountains in France. Through the twists and turns of a century, Vilac has proven its ability in the French toy industry by adapting to a love of beauty.

Vilac has close connections with artists and collectors. They have developed from the old turning factories, which once made the reputation of the region. Using beech, hornbeam, alder and box from surrounding forests the woods are turned, smoothed, sanded, painted, decorated, styled and embellished by artisans, designers or artists.

Vilac’s history is forged through the creation of new toys and the reissue of old toys that have been modernised for contemporary appeal. The oldest parts of the collection are outdoor games, including the famous lacquered skittles in different colours, but also balls, skipping ropes and yo-yos, which were popular in France in the 1930’s.

After the Second World War, this family business moved into the manufacture of educational toys, as well as antique girls and boys toys, dolls furniture and many accessories, locomotives and firefighters.

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