Mayoral Girl’s Light Blue Denim Combo Dress

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Girl’s Demin Combo Dress



Girl’s  Light Blue Demin Combo Dress

Great girl’s light blue denim combo dress.  Sneaker sleeve dress for the girl, characterized by her cowgirl inspiration but that goes beyond that style and becomes a 100% chic garment. The denim part itself is the top, made in Texan fabric and designed as a sleeveless denim shirt, with pockets and buttons. In this zone, the vintage worn effect is applied. But what gives that chic touch to the set is the tulle skirt with lining, with much flying, as well as the large loop located on one side of the waist. Another detail that will conquer your daughter are the inlays of tacks in the pockets of the chest area.

Color: Light Blue




1 review for Mayoral Girl’s Light Blue Denim Combo Dress

  1. Jaime Dowling

    Love this dress!!

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