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Doctor’s Suitcase Range-La Grande Famille

All children love playing doctor and with Moulin Roty, they will be able to do it. With its wooden instruments such as the syringe to make vaccines, the thermometer to take the temperature, the tube of cream to treat minor injuries. The pellets bottle to relieve the stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat and the reflex hammer to see if the knees and elbows are working. Not forgetting the bandage and health notebook to record everything “you” Doctor, you have brought to your patient.
You can even make home visits, with this bag that allows you to store all your tools and take them anywhere.
She is waiting for you to start your visits.

Age: From 3 years  Dimensions: Case: 20 x 14 cm/7.9 x 5.5″in

Materials: Wooden Instruments, Bandage Cloth, Paper Notebook


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